Contact Centre & Office PBX


Unlimited  Agents and Extenions


Call Management

Access and configure your complete PBX or Contact Centre with your browser


Call Control

Fax Server

Fonreach Users can call simply click any phone number inside the FONREACH web application to initiate a call without the need of dialling phone numbers.

Control access to local, national and international numbers. Monitor longest, most expensive and most called numbers to ensure your phone system is not abused.




Route calls based on the current date and time. Configure your opening and closing hours as we'll as your public holidays well in advance.

In case you can not attend to the call you can send the caller to your personalised voicemail which you can retrieve via phone, the FONREACH portal or as MP3 file in your normal e-mail client.

Create your own conference call rooms, protect them with user and administrator pins. Record conference calls and mail the MP3 file to all participants.




Simply block unwanted callers of reaching your company before they can waste your time

FONREACH has a large amount of “basic” call features like; 
- Blind and Attended Transfer 
- Call on Hold 
- Mute 
- Do-not-Disturb 
- Forward 
and many more…

Place sound file announcements in your call flow to broadcast new products, services, temporary service interruption or alarms.




Do you have a group of clients which your team calls all the time? If yes just setup a unlimited amount of speed dial numbers. Instead of dealing 60162228546 just need dial *01 to reach your client.

If your users are mobile and not sitting at the same desk you can activate the roaming feature. Users can now login at any of your phones in any location. The system will automatically assign the correct settings for your user regardless of his location.

Record all your calls in a encrypted MP3 format. Access a audit log to monitor who downloaded and listened to a call files. Unlimited recording storage capacity.

Advanced Call Flow

Never miss any call and connect clients to the right employee

as quick as possible

ACD / Queues

Greetings / IVR

Ring - Group

Never loose a call anymore. In case all your employees are on the phone you're callers will be put into your call queues where they can listen to music or you're promotions while waiting fro their turn.

Conveniently upload you greeting recordings and create IVR (Interactive Voice Response System) like: Please press 1 for sales or 2 for support ….. with a click of a button.

Route your calls to a group of people. You can let all the phones rings or ring at the same time or one by one. You can let FONREACH users and any other number participate in a ring group.


Skill Routing

Missed Calls

Follow-Me is a advanced call forwarding mechanism which allows you to forward your calls to various numbers, voice-mails, ring groups etc.

​Connect your clients to the employees with the right skills to assist in resolving the issue or answering the question during the first call.

All missed incoming calls are logged in a list and your supervisor can easily export such calls or assign calls to employees to call your clients back.

Integrated Tools

Because a Contact Centre and PBX solution is not enough




Create or import your client information into FONREACH to ensure your employees get the latest information about your clients right at the beginning of the call.

Create an schedule follow-up calls, or incident tickets for your colleagues. Get the latest ticket information at the time the client calls automatically displayed to the agent desktop.

Send your clients an e-mail or SMS to follow-up on recently completed calls and ask them to rate the call by simply clicking a link or reply a SMS.

Monitoring & Reporting

Easily assess your contact center’s performance to optimize KPIs



Historical Reports

Listen to calls in real-time, without the agent or caller knowing, to silently guarantee quality standards are being met.

Drop in on live calls to speak with both the caller and agent to reduce call transfers and increase customer satisfaction.

Monitor the performance of your company so you can make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive data.


Agent Reports


Get an overview of what’s happening in your contact centre at any given time so you can improve business KPIs.

Assess the performance of your team with agent metrics such as real-time and historical agent status data, average speed to answer and average call duration.

We customise our reports to your specification so you can effectively analyze the metrics that matter to your business.




Set thresholds on values like call credit, connected phones, abandoned calls, backups. You will get your notifications via E-Mail or SMS to quickly intervene and avoid a unnecessary decrease in your quality of service towards your clients.

With our Amazon S3 enabled storage service you can store your call recordings and voicemail for a unlimited amount of time. You can define how many days you like days you like to retain your date. You can transparently see how much data you up and downloaded.

You can schedule your daily backup and will get notified via SMS and E-Mail after the backup is completed. If needed our FONREACH engineers will help you rebuild your system free of charge and get you back up and running in no time.




FONREACH manages your databases and log files in the background automatically to ensure that your hard disk space is not filled up with unnecessary data.

You have access to your billing information in real time. Subscription bills are generated automatically on the last day of each month. You can conveniently pay your FONREACH bill via Paypal or credit card.

We will inform you about updates, new features and patches via E-Mail and SMS. You can simply apply an update by accessing the update manager and select the update you like to get.



The little features that makes things easier to manage