Hubspot Integration

a perfect combination, setup in 5 minutes 

Easy Setup

Missed Calls

Connected Calls

Simply Authorize Hubspot to work with FONREACH via Hubspot Integrations and your are good to go!

Up and running in 5 Minutes!

Records all your missed calls to your users or call queues by automatically creating a Hubspot task. If the incoming number exists in Hubspot the respective company and contact will be linked to the activity.

All incoming connected calls are assigned to the respective Hubspot user via a call log activity. If the incoming phone number exist in any of your clients records, the call will be referenced to the client.


Outgoing Calls

Call Pop-Up

All call recordings are easy accessible via HTML link from any Hubspot call related activity without the need of searching the call in Fonreach.

If the incoming number is assigned to a company or contact the Fonreach call center agent will be provided with a pop-up screen containing the information stored in your Hubspot CRM.

All your users calls are logged as activities in Hubspot with the respective status:

- Completed

- Busy

- No Answer 

Hubspot Integration Manual

V. 1.1

Date:20. April 2017

Author: Miles Becker