“We have a lot of tech-savvy attorneys at our firm. We love using the mobile app when we need to get work done remotely between hearings and when we are on the road. We also like using the online interface—it’s really convenient and easy to use.”.”

Jim Harvey, Attorney-at-Law, Baker McKenzie

All-inclusive cloud business 
communications for legal firms

Law firms rely on FONREACH’s industry-leading cloud collaboration
tools for outstanding client interaction.


Delivering winning, world-class legal services require a communications platform that ensures your clients always have an open, direct line to your law firm. Your ability to remain in continual contact with your clients and associates—regardless of time, location, or media—can make or break your case.

Voice mail to email notification. Get your voice mail on your smartphone.

Automatic transcription service. Probably the newest and most exciting feature that cloud-based PBX systems offer is automatic transcription service. Using voice-to-text recognition software, this service automatically sends a transcript of every client call directly to your email—usually within seconds of when your call ends. Imagine having a transcript of every conversation with your clients.

Find me anywhere. Route phone calls to your office, then your cell phone, then your home phone and finally back to your assistant. Whatever routing features you want to enable, you can.  Never miss an important phone call whether on the road, or in your office.

Supports telecommuting employees and branch offices seamlessly. Clients will never know when you are working from home or on the road—it’s all the same to them, as far as they know.

Link your phone calls to your time, billing and case management system. Do you need to bill for your time or journalize your phone call? Most case management systems can seamlessly interact with your phone to automatically track your call time, automatically bill for it, and journalize the phone call with notes made to your case management system.

No key upfront money required. Replace large investment with monthly payments for only the services you need.

No labor needed. Your cloud-based phone system subscription comes professionally managed so no more costly support calls to your local phone vendor.

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