Continuously improve your agents effectiveness with

our Scorecards and Reviews 

As a FONREACH call centre manager you can use the call review and scorecard modules to analyse live and recorded calls. This call reviews will provide instant benefits to your organisation. 


You can use the reports and reviews to provide feedback to your team during coaching sessions, which will help to motivate you're agents to improve their overall performance.


All agents are assessed fairly and equal based on your designed scorecards and tagged (marked) calls.


"Standardise your call centre quality and regularity processes and make them transparent"

How to review your agents with FONREACH?


Create a new scorecards and add questions to it. Like: “Did the agent state he name?” etc…


You can weight each question and create the respective answers. The system allows you to create as many questions and answers as you need.

When you are done with your scorecard you create a new call review.
Reviews are per agent. Maybe you name it something like: “January Sales Call Review - John Smith”

How to review and score calls?

Before you can start the review you need to assign calls to the individual reviews.


This is achieved by simply searching for calls in the call recording module. You can listen to the calls and assign the calls to a review.


Of course you can tag a call in a certain position (time into the call) and make some notes.

During the review you can then easily listening into the calls starting at the right position.

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